Detection on skin

SciluminateTM powder accomplishes a world first of detecting fingerprints and handprints on live skin (patent pending)! Thanks to the unique binding properties of SciluminateTM, fingerprints can easily be distinguished from skin without any special treatment, making it safe for live assessment of domestic violence. This breakthrough will also revolutionize murder scence investigation.


Detection oN Casings

SciluminateTM can be used on bullet casings and magazines without any pre-treatment. Prints can even be visualized on textured and ribbed asings such as shotgun shells.

Detection of wet prints

SciluminateTM can be used to detect wet prints using a unique "wet" formulation (patent pending). More info coming soon!

Sciluminate Reviews & News

Comparison of use of Sciluminate and traditional powders on dark surfaces as reviewed by Mike McCutcheon of Forensic Education.

Patent Pending