SciluminateTM is on the forefront of forensic technology with products for law-enforcement and counter-terrorism. Our patent pending technology uses nanoparticles to: illuminate bodily fluids, mark materials or people, or easily identify fingerprints. After applying our powder on the material of interest, the biometric data is revealed within seconds. For counter-terrorism measures, our materials can be used for long-term tracking and identification, useful in various local and global settings.


  1. Easy to use - SciluminateTM powder is applied using the same technique as existing powders
  2. Visible fluorescence even in bright rooms and outside
  3. Safer to use than other methods - there are no chemical reactions occuring
  4. High Contrast
  5. Usable in the field or laboratory
  6. Long-lasting and durable
  7. Can be easily removed from precious or fragile objects
  8. Good detection on weapon handles, bullet casings, gun magazines, etc
Fingerprints found on metal and painted wood.

Fingerprints found on metal and painted wood.

Our patent pending technology can be used on:

  • Porous and solid substrates

  • Synthetic (plastic shotgun shells or banknotes, paints, etc.) and natural (metal casings and magazines, wood, leather, paper, etc.) surfaces

  • Skin (a world first!)

  • Bloody prints (finger, hand, foot, shoe) depending on coagulation factors

  • Wet prints (with the powder or our liquid formulation)

Because of the high-contrast that our materials provide, high resolution images of the biometric data can be taken with smart-phones, tablets, or traditional cameras.

Our sales team and scientists are available for discussing specific solutions and tailoring products for your hard working teams. SciluminateTM powder is available to North American agencies currently. Please contact us for more information on use and ordering.


Patent Pending